Technology – MVP Logistics

Technology custom built for your business

AT MVP we understand there isn’t one cookie-cutter solution for your company. Rely on MVP for the best in class customer experience supported by technology. We provide real-time visibility into key metrics for all cargo that we transport or manage on your behalf. You always know the status and location of your goods and MVP ensures that they’re delivered on time with product integrity intact.


Co-PLAN – Planning made simple

Manage all your incoming and outgoing shipments from any device, any time of the day. Co-PLAN is a cloud-based software solution for your company to stay on top of all your logistics.

  • Calendar Planning and Business Intelligence dashboard
  • Cloud based, company-wide visibility on any device
  • Designed to save money by creating dock, manufacturing, and transportation efficiencies
  • No IT or hardware costs
  • Customized to fit your organization
  • Integrated with our TMS and GPS tracking
  • No work from you  “just visibility”


Getting Started with Co-PLAN

Co-PLAN is easy to set up. Our team handles all the setup and install of Co-PLAN. There’s no work from you – just visibility.

Because Co-PLAN is cloud-based, it works on any device with web access. We also have an app version for mobile phones.

Our setup process is 3 simple steps:

  1. Our team meets with you to discuss needs so we can customize the tool for your business.
  2. MVP Logistics handles all setup and implementation.
  3. We come to your business for on-site training.

There are no IT or hardware costs, no lengthy setup times and no special system requirements. Once Co-PLAN is implemented, it’s ready to be used immediately.


Interested in Co-PLAN? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a demo.


In addition to Co-PLAN, we use and offer integration for a number of other systems. We also help you wrangle your current systems and ramp up your current processes with new tools. These include:

  • Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Contract Management Systems (CRM)
  • Electronic Data Interchange Systems (EDI)
  • Small Package Integration with UPS and FedEx

When you need goods transported, warehoused and seamlessly managed to support your supply chain, MVP works with you to deliver intelligent, customized solutions designed to accommodate your exact needs.